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blackboard_analysis_tools 0.0.4

Blackboard analysis tools

# Blackboard Analysis Tool
An analysis automation tool to avoid repetitive tasks while grading student assignments that have been handed in through the Blackboard learning system.

For example:
* Extract hundreds of .zip files
* Sort the files per assignment, student
* Create statistics: number of students, late assignments,...

## Usage:
* Download assignment files from Blackboard (e.g.
* Place these .zip files in the "input" folder.
* Run the program: ``python -m blackboard_analysis_tools``.
* Wait... (about 10 seconds when processing around 100MB of assignments) (time will vary).
* Open the "output" folder to see the results (all files sorted per student, a summary, logfile, ...).

## Installation:
* Install using pip: ``pip install blackboard_analysis_tools``. (Linux & Windows)
* Python Package available in the Python Package Index at:
* Download the source and run ``python install``.

## Limitations:
* Currently only tested on Linux & Windows7
* The program was created with other OS users in mind, so it will eventually get full cross-platform support.

## License:
If not stated otherwise blackboard_analysis_tools is distributed in terms of the MIT license.
See LICENSE in the distribution for details.

## Bug reports:
* Post issues to GitHub

## What is happening behind the scenes:
1. Scan for .zip files
2. Extract the .zip files
3. Scan for .txt files (these contain the metadata that describes the student reports/assignments)
4. Analyse the .txt files
5. Create a folder for each student
6. Move all the files to the correct folder (including those with filenames that have been 'mangled' by Blackboard)
7. Write some statistics: a list of all students that have handed something in
8. Write a summary of the process: number of students, number of assignments, number of 'mangled' files,...

## Changelog:
* Windows compatible
* Modified the default analysis options to 'AP University College'

* Cleanup temp folders
* Debug code for timing analysis
* Parallel processing (no speedup)
* Python 3.3 compatible
* Partially Windows compatible
* Sorting output folders
* Print build summary
* Detect late files

* Detect 'mangled' files
* Statistics: logfile, summary, student list
* using input & output folders
* Code cleanup: pep8, pylint

0.0.1: Basic features
* Extract .zip files
* Create student folders
* Move files to folder  
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