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blueox 0.8.0

"A library for python-based application logging and data collection"

Latest Version: 0.11.3

BlueOx - A python application logging framework

BlueOx is a python based logging and data collection framework. The problem it attempts to solve is one where you have multiple python processes across multiple hosts processing some sort of requests. You generally want to collect:

  • Performance data (counters, timers, etc)
  • User activity
  • Errors (and debugging data)

Use BlueOx to record that data, aggregate it to a central logging server where it can be written to disk.

In addition, it’s often useful to be able to plug reporting scripts into the logging server so as to generate live stats and reports or do ad hoc analysis.

BlueOx’s collection functionality is fairly advanced allowing heirarchies of collectors and queuing in the event of failure. For example, it’s recommend to run an instance of oxd on each host, and then configure each of those collectors to forward log events to a central collector on a dedicated log machine.

See for full details

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blueox-0.8.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-03-28 15KB