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Django CMS

This is a very simple Django CMS application. It allows for the creation of hierarchical pages, adding “focus areas” to the pages along with normal content. There is also a view for displaying a sitemap (all of the pages tied to home). It relies heavily on terminology from my old web dev days, so it includes three types of pages: 1. Home page – there should only be one and it should have a slug of ‘home’ 2. Normal pages – you get it 3. Constants – these are pages that do not appear in the page hierarchy but can be visited by all, typically links that appear on all pages, e.g., ‘contact us’


You will want to load both files under fixtures via ./ loaddata


USE_CACHE: whether to use Django’s caching or not DEFAULT_CACHE_TIMEOUT: number of seconds to cache items

Neither of these settings should be required and I should be providing backup/ defaults for you. Kick me if you are reading this.


There’s a single tag in there right now for rendering forms based on the display in default_form.html. Override this template as needed.


  • More tests, obviously
  • Default settings
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