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boardgamegeek 0.0.14

A Python interface to's API

Latest Version: 0.13.2


boardgamegeek is a Python library which makes it easy to access data from BoardGameGeek using their official XML API.

It’s an almost completely rewritten fork of libBGG.


The module’s API is still considered unstable at this point and it might change in the future, especially if wanting to add support for the other sites.


Documentation is available at


Here’s a quick usage example:

>>> from boardgamegeek import BoardGameGeek
>>> bgg = BoardGameGeek()
>>> g ="Android: Netrunner")
'Android: Netrunner'
>>> for n in g.alternative_names: print n.encode("utf-8")

If you want to use the disk cache:

>>> bgg = BoardGameGeek(cache="sqlite:///tmp/cache.db?ttl=3600&fast_save=0")
>>> g ="Celtica")

To Do

  • Not all the information exposed by the official API is stored into the Python objects. Need to improve this.
  • Try to support the other sites from the boardgamegeek’s family
  • Improve documentation :)
  • Improve unit testing

Contributions/suggestions are welcome.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
boardgamegeek-0.0.14.tar.gz (md5, pgp) Source 2014-08-22 16KB