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boatswain 1.0.0

Yaml based way to build Docker images.

Latest Version: 1.0.1

.. image::
.. image::

Boatswain is a simple build system for docker images.

It is especially usefull when you have multiple docker images that
depend on each other.


Boatswain is a simple python script you can install with pip


$ pip install boatswain

Create a file called boatswain.yml for your project with the following
syntax, which is heavily based on docker-compose.

.. code-block:: yaml

version: 1.0 # The version of the boatswain yaml
organisation: boatswain # Your dockerhub organisation
image1:pytest: # the key will be used to tag the image
context: docker/image1 # The path of the dockerfile
context: docker/image2
from: image1:pytest # This image depends on the other image
context: docker/image3
from: image2:pytest
context: docker/image4
tag: image12:pytest # This image will be tagged with this

Change Log

This document records all notable changes to Boatswain.

This project adheres to `Semantic Versioning <http:""/>`_.


* Fixed help text of push command
* Fixed extraction of image id from docker response in some cases
* Windows compatibility
* Appveyor windows tests are passing

`0.7.0`_ (2017-04-03)

* Added a 'before' and 'command' key to the build definition. This is a list of commands that need to be staged into the context directory.
* Default verbosity only shows 1 progress bar for all images
* Changed progress indication to full white block

`0.6.0`_ (2017-03-09)

* Added the tree command which will print the tree of the boatswain file
* Added quiet and extra verbose modes

`0.5.1`_ (2017-02-10)

* Fixed issue with printing unicode text from the docker stream

`0.5.0`_ (2017-02-10)

* Implemented push command
* Build will now greedily try to build images instead of throwing an exception at the first error.
* Added error messages to failing builds
* Standardized return values (e.g. always a list)
* Refactored to reduce code duplication in boatswain class

`0.4.0`_ (2017-02-09)

* Progress timer now increases every second
* Improved error reporting (No longer uses an exception)

`0.3.0`_ (2017-02-08)

* Added a whole bunch of tests
* Added the clean command
* Changed file layout from recursive to using from

`0.2.0`_ (2017-02-06)

* Added dry-run option
* Added ability to build only one image

`0.1.0`_ (2017-02-02)

* Initial release

.. _0.1.0:
.. _0.2.0:
.. _0.3.0:
.. _0.4.0:
.. _0.5.0:
.. _0.5.1:
.. _0.6.0:
.. _0.7.0:
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
boatswain-1.0.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl (md5) Python Wheel 3.5 2017-09-14 15KB
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