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bob.db.casia_fasd 2.0.6

CASIA Face Anti-Spoofing Database Access API for Bob

Package Documentation

CASIA Face Anti-Spoofing Database Interface for Bob

The CASIA-FASD database is a spoofing attack database which consists of three types of attacks: warped printed photographs, printed photographs with cut eyes and video attacks. The samples are taken with three types of cameras: low quality, normal quality and high quality.

This package contains the Bob accessor methods to use the DB directly from python, with our certified protocols. The actual raw data for CASIA FASD database should be downloaded from the original URL


Z. Zhang, J. Yan, S. Lei, D. Yi, S. Z. Li: "A Face Antispoofing Database with Diverse Attacks", In proceedings of the 5th IAPR International Conference on Biometrics (ICB'12), New Delhi, India, 2012.


To install this package – alone or together with other Packages of Bob – please read the Installation Instructions. For Bob to be able to work properly, some dependent packages are required to be installed. Please make sure that you have read the Dependencies for your operating system.


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