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bob.thesis.ichingo2015 0.0.1

Trustworthy biometric recognition under spoofing attacks: application to the face mode

Package Documentation

This package contains scripts to be used to reproduce the results of my PhD thesis titled: “Trustworthy Biometric Recognition Under Spoofing Attacks: Application to the Face Mode”. It was done during my work at the Biometrics group in Idiap Research Institute and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) .

Raw data

The data used in the paper is publicly available and should be downloaded and installed prior to try using the programs described in this package. Visit the REPLAY-ATTACK database portal for more information.


The bob.thesis.ichingo2015 package is a satellite package of the free signal processing and machine learning library Bob. This dependency has to be downloaded manually. This version of the package depends on Bob version 2 or greater. To install packages of Bob, please read the Installation Instructions. For Bob to be able to work properly, some dependent Bob packages are required to be installed. Please make sure that you have read the Dependencies for your operating system.

The most simple solution is to download and extract bob.thesis.ichingo2015 package, and then run the following:

$ cd bob.thesis.ichingo2015
$ python
$ bin/buildout

This will download all required dependent Bob and other packages and install them locally.

Using the package

After instalation of the package, you can generate a documentation locally:

$ ./bin/sphinx-build doc sphinx

Now, the full documentation of the package, including a User Guide, will be availabe in sphinx/index.html. It contains all the necessary information about how to run the scripts and reproduce the results.


In case of problems, please contact Ivana Chingovska

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