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bolt 0.9

Multi-server automation and deployment toolkit

Bolt lets you easily automate sysadmin tasks like deployment. You can use it to manage multi-server setups over SSH or even as a build tool. To use, simply create a Boltfile with your tasks, e.g.

from bolt.api import *

def deploy():
    """publish the latest version of the app"""

    with cd('/var/www/'):
        run('git remote update')
        run('git checkout origin/master')

    sudo("/etc/init.d/apache2 graceful")

And then, run the tasks from the command line, e.g.

$ bolt deploy

Bolt was initially developed as a fork of Fabric, but has since been extracted as a standalone tool without any of the historic baggage of the Fabric APIs.


Bolt doesn’t currently have any docs, but you can look at the introduction to the Fabric fork for details of how to use most of its features. Simply replace the references to fab and fabric with bolt:


To contribute any patches simply fork the repository on GitHub and send a pull request to, thanks!


The code derived from Fabric is contained within the bolt/ file and is under the BSD license. The rest of the code has been released into the Public Domain. Do with it as you please.

– Enjoy, tav <>

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