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boompy 1.0.0

Simple command line snippets. is a simple command line utiilty for storing text snippets under simple, memorable key names. It is conceptually similar to boom by Zach Holman.


The easiest way to install is via pip:

pip install

You can also install it the old-fashioned way, if that’s more your speed:

git clone
python install


To create a new snippet, provide both the key name and a value for the key.

$> boom new_key new_value
'new_key' is now 'new_value'.

To retrieve the value for a key once it’s been set, simply provide the key name. The value will be automatically copied to the system clipboard.

$> boom new_key
'new_key' successfully copied to clipboard.

If you attempt to set a value for an existing key, will return with an error.

$> boom new_key new_value
Error: Key 'new_key' already exists.

If you’d like to update an existing key, use the --overwrite flag:

$> boom new_key updated_value --overwrite
'new_key' is now 'updated_value'.

And if you’d like to delete a key/value pair, use the --delete flag.

$> boom new_key --delete
'new_key' has been removed.

By default, stores its “database” in a file located at $HOME/.boomdb. If you’d like to save your snippets to a different location, you can use the -d or --database flag:

$> boom --database ./snip.db new_key new_value
'new_key' is now 'new_value'

If you provide no argument or options to, it will print all the currently-stored records to the screen.

$> boom
new_key     new_value
new_key2    new_value2
example     example_value

It’s not much, but that’s all there is to

License is MIT licensed. Please see the included LICENSE file.


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boompy-1.0.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-08-15 3KB