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bootlegger 1.1.0

Command Line Interface to Speakeasy

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 1.1.1

Bootlegger is the command line interface for speakeasy, the paranoid file storage solution.


pip install bootlegger

or clone the repo and run

python install


Create a folder in your home directory called .bootlegger. In this folder, generate private and public RSA keys called user_private.pem and user_public.pem, respectively. This can be accomplished using openssl.

cd ~/.bootlegger openssl genrsa -out user_private.pem 2048 # add -des3 if you want a passphrase openssl rsa -pubout -in user_private.pem -out user_public.pem

Create a file in the .bootlegger folder called bootlegger.conf. Add the following information

[speakeasy] host = username = testuser

Replace the values with your desired host and username.


To add your public key to the server, run

bl addkey

To upload a file, run

bl upload file.txt

You can give this subcommand multiple arguments

bl upload file1.txt file2.txt …

Giving the prefix option prefixes each filename on the server

bl upload file.txt -p xyz # uploads to xyz_file.txt

To list all the files you have stored on the server, run

bl list

You can optionally give the list command a Unix typeglob as a parameter to list only files that match the pattern. Make sure to properly escape to the glob so that your shell doesn’t expand it.

bl list *.txt

To download a file run

bl download file.txt

If the file is prefixed, run

bl download file.txt -p xyz # downloads xyz_file.txt to file.txt

To download into a directory other than the current working directory run

bl download file.txt -d some/other/directory

To get detailed information about a file, run

bl info file.txt

To share a file with another user, run

bl share otheruser file.txt

To see the dates of previous versions of the file, run

bl versions file.txt

You can override the username and host in the configuration file by passing arguments to the –username and –host options on the command line.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
bootlegger-1.1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-07-24 5KB