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botlib 42

Framework to program bots

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 49

BOTLIB is a python3 framework you can use to program bots. It makes it possible to program your own module enabling your own commands and contains serveral modules that can be used to program bots.

BOTLIB has a MIT no-clause license.


you might need to do the following if the bot doesn’t work:

export PYTHONPATH="."

clone the source:

bart@okdan:~$ hg clone
bart@okdan:~$ cd botlib
bart@okdan:~/botlib$ sudo python3 install

another option is to download with pip3 and install globally:

bart@okdan:~$ pip3 install botlib --upgrade


use the bot-irc program to connect to an IRC server.

bart@okdan:~$ bot-irc -n jsonbot -s -c \#dunkbots --shell


use the botje-xmpp to connect to an XMPP server

bart@okdan:~$ bot-xmpp -u monitor@localhost --room test@conference.localhost --shell


you need to add a users origin to be able to give the bot commands, add a user with the meet command:

bart@okdan:~$ bot meet user@server
user user@server created

to give the user a permission you can use the perm command:

bart@okdan:~$ bot perm user@server ps
ok user@server

the default shell user is root@shell and gives access to all the commands that are available.


user programmed modules are read from the ~/.mods directory, you can put your .py files over there.


def hi(event):
    event.reply("hi %s" % event.origin)
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