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boto3facade 0.5.7

A simple facade for Boto3

Latest Version: 0.5.9


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A simple facade for [boto3][boto3] that makes some common tasks easier. The
`boto3facade` module is not intended to be used directly but as a shared
components of projects that use boto3.


## Installation

To install the development version:

pip install git+

To install the latest stable release:

pip install boto3facade

## Quickstart

The `boto3facade` package contains a collection of modules that implement
facades to different AWS services. For instance the `boto3facade.ec2` module
implements the facade to [AWS EC2 service][ec2]. Each of these modules
typically contain just one class, named as the corresponding AWS service. E.g.
the `boto3facade.ec2` module contains an `Ec2` class. In some cases, there may
also be public module functions that implement utilities that don't require
access to the [AWS boto3 SDK][boto3]. For instance in the EC2 facade:


import boto3facade.ec2 as ec2

# Get the name of the role associated to the EC2 instance
if ec2.in_ec2():
# If this code is running in an EC2 instance
role_name = ec2.get_instance_profile_role()
role_name = None

Facade methods that actually use `boto3` are always implemented as instance

from boto3facade.ec2 import Ec2

# Create the facade object
my_ec2_facade = Ec2()

# Get the list of AMIs that have tags matching the provided ones
ami_tags = {'Name': 'niceimage', 'Version', 'latest'}
ami_list = my_ec2_facade.get_ami_by_tag(ami_tags)

# Get the SecurityGroup boto3 resource with a certain name
my_sg = my_ec2_facade.get_sg_by_name('sgname')

## Development

make develop
. .env/bin/activate

## Contact

If you have questions, bug reports, suggestions, etc. please create an issue on
the [GitHub project page](

## License

This software is licensed under the [MIT license](

See [License file](

© 2016 German Gomez-Herrero, and FindHotel.
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