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bottle-flash 0.1

flash plugin for bottle


This plugin enables flash messages in bottle. Again, learn by example


    from bottle import Bottle
    from bottle_flash import FlashPlugin

    app = Bottle()
    COOKIE_SECRET = 'super_secret_string'
    def create_user():
        # Create the user
        app.flash('Created !')

To consume the flashed messages, you would do something like the following (jinja2). Here I am assuming that I get the "app" in the template context. This can be achieved with the bottle_renderer_ plugin.


    {% set messages = app.get_flashed_messages() %}
    {% if messages %}
    <div id="flash_messages">
            {% for m in messages %}
            <li>{{ m[0] }}</li>
            {% endfor %}
    {% endif %}
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