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bronto-python 0.4.1

A python wrapper around Bronto's SOAP API

Latest Version: 0.8.0


bronto-python is a python query client which wraps the Bronto SOAP API in an easy to use manner, using the suds library.

Getting Started

from bronto.client import Client

client = Client('BRONTO_API_TOKEN')

Simple as that!


Adding a Contact

contact_data = {'email': '',
                'source': 'api',
                'customSource': 'Using bronto-python to import my contact'}

Retrieving a contact


Deleting a contact



Adding an order

order_data = {'id': 'xyz123',
              'email': '',
              'products': [
                {'id': 1,
                 'sku': '1111',
                 'name': 'Test Product 1',
                 'description': 'This is our first test product.',
                 'quantity': 1,
                 'price': 3.50},
                {'id': 2,
                 'sku': '2222',
                 'name': 'Second Test Product',
                 'description': 'Here we have another product for testing.',
               'quantity': 12,
               'price': 42.00}

Deleting an order

client.delete_order('xyz123')  # Orders are deleted by their orderId

NOTE: This client is not built with long-running processes in mind. The Bronto API connection will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity, and this client does NOT handle those timeouts.

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