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brunel 2.3

Brunel Visualization For Jupyter/IPython Notebooks

Brunel defines a highly succinct and novel language that produces interactive data visualizations using pandas DataFrame objects. The language is well suited for both data scientists and more aggressive business users. The system interprets the language syntax and produces live visualizations directly within Jupyter notebooks.

Please report any issues on our Github site. Q&A available on Gitter


  • Brunel Visualization currently only works in IPython/Jupyter notebooks which must be installed prior to installing Brunel.
  • Java 1.7+ must be installed
  • It is likely that environment variable JAVA_HOME also needs to be properly set to the location of the Java installation.


pip install brunel

Note, if after installing the visualizations are not visible try installing using:

pip install brunel --user


Sample code that reads data from a CSV file and creates a simple bar chart of averages using the Brunel magic function:

import pandas as pd
import brunel

cars = pd.read_csv("data/Cars.csv")

%brunel data('cars') x(origin) y(horsepower) mean(horsepower) bar tooltip(#all) :: width=300, height=300
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
brunel-2.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-04-04 2MB