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buildbot-gitlab 0.1.2

Enhances a BuildBot installation to nicely integrate with GitLab

The Buildbot GitLab plugin provides an easy to install and configure enhancement for Buildbot.


You can download and install the latest version of this software from the Python package index (PyPI) as follows:

pip install --upgrade buildbot-gitlab


Buildbot Gitlab uses a RESTful API to manage multiple projects. The project name and containing folder used in Gitlab is stored within a .json file, which is then parsed during the BuildMaster startup in order to generate builders for each project.

TO DO: More info to follow…


Included with the API are unit tests which can be run as part of the Buildbot test procedure. The tests can be run via the following command:

PYTHONPATH=. trial buildbot.test

Which should be executed from within the buildbot directory.

Additionally rather than running the entire Buildbot test suite, the tests specific to Buildbot Gitlab can be run with the following commands

PYTHONPATH=. trial buildbot.test.unit.test_gitlab_api

PYTHONPATH=. trial buildbot.test.unit.test_gitlab_resources

The tests can also be run using Pythons Unit testing framework (PyUnit) instead of twisted trial with the following command:

PYTHONPATH=. python -m unittest -v buildbot.test.unit.test_gitlab_api

PYTHONPATH=. python -m unittest -v buildbot.test.unit.test_gitlab_resources

Note that the gitlab_resources tests requires buildbot & twisted packages to be present, as these provide the functionality for fake web requests used by the resource tests. The API tests function independently of other packages.

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