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buildout-versions-checker 1.4

Checks egg updates in your Buildout configurations.

Latest Version: 1.9.4

Parses a zc.buildout file containing a versions section of the pinned versions of the eggs, and checks if any updates are available.


If you use the practical convention to pin the versions of all the eggs used in your buildout into a file, you will find this package useful for checking if any newest version of the eggs are available on Pypi.

Here an example of a version file:

$ cat versions.cfg
Pillow                          = 2.0.0
pytz                            = 2012j
South                           = 0.8.1
django                          = 1.5
django-tagging                  = 0.3.1

Now let’s execute the check-buildout-updates script:

$ ./check-buildout-updates
Pillow                          = 2.1.0
pytz                            = 2013b
South                           = 0.8.2
django                          = 1.5.2

You can now update the versions.cfg file accordingly to your needs.


usage: check-buildout-updates [-h] [-s SOURCE] [-i INCLUDES] [-e EXCLUDES]
                              [-w] [--indent INDENTATION]
                              [--sorting {alpha,length}]
                              [--service-url SERVICE_URL] [--timeout TIMEOUT]
                              [-t THREADS] [-v] [-q]

Check availables updates from a version section of a buildout script

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s SOURCE, --source SOURCE
                        The file where versions are pinned (default:
  -i INCLUDES, --include INCLUDES
                        Include package when checking updates (can be used
                        multiple times)
  -e EXCLUDES, --exclude EXCLUDES
                        Exclude package when checking updates (can be used
                        multiple times)
  -w, --write           Write the updates in the source file
  --indent INDENTATION  Spaces used when indenting "key = value" (default: 32)
  --sorting {alpha,length}
                        Sorting algorithm used on the keys when writing source
                        file (default: None)
  --service-url SERVICE_URL
                        The service to use for checking the packages (default:
  --timeout TIMEOUT     Timeout for each request (default: 10s)
  -t THREADS, --threads THREADS
                        Threads used for checking the versions in parallel
  -v                    Increase verbosity (specify multiple times for more)
  -q                    Decrease verbosity (specify multiple times for more)

Buildout integration

You can easily integrate this script into your buildout script to automaticly find and write the updates.

parts                   = evolution

recipe                  = zc.recipe.egg
eggs                    = buildout-versions-checker
scripts                 = check-buildout-updates=evolve
arguments               = '-s versions.cfg -w'

With this part into your buildout, a new script named ./bin/evolve will be created. It will check for the available updates of the eggs listed in the versions section of the versions.cfg file, then write the updates found.


Buildout-versions-checker provides an extra script named indent-buildout, designed for just (re)indent your buildout files. Because the buildout files are sometimes mixed with spaces and tabulations which may affect viewing and editing.

$ ./indent-buildout -s buildout.cfg

Python compatibility

Buildout-versions-checker has been originally developed for Python 2.7, but has been ported and tested for Python 3.2 and 3.3.


  • six >= 1.4.1
  • futures >= 2.1.4
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