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bundlewrap-teamvault 2.0.1

Access TeamVault secrets from BundleWrap

Pull secrets from [TeamVault]( into your [BundleWrap]( repo.

# Installation

pip install bundlewrap-teamvault

# Setup

Add this to your `~/.bw_teamvault_secrets.cfg`:

url =
username = jdoe
password = potato

# Usage

Use in your `` like this (replace ABCDEF with the hash id from the TeamVault URL of the secret you want):

import bwtv as teamvault

nodes = {
"node1": {
'metadata': {
'secret': teamvault.password("ABCDEF", site="foocorp"),

Note: This will insert a proxy object into your metadata, the actual secret is not retrieved until you convert it to a string (e.g. by inserting it in a template or calling `str()` explicitly).


© 2016 [Torsten Rehn](
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