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butler 0.3.0

0MQ based Service Oriented RPC Framework

The butler framework aims to make building reliable and high-performance service-oriented systems easy. The internal communication is done via ØMQ sockets.


Start a Router:

import butler

router = butler.Router()

Register a Service Worker by name:

worker = butler.Service('tcp://', 'api.images')

Expose a function on the Service Worker:

def resize_image(name, size):
    return 'resized image'


Or expose all the methods of an object:

class RPCService(object):
    def resize_image(self, name, size):
        return 'resized image'


Send a request to a registered Service and receive its response:

client = butler.Client('tcp://').rpc('api.images')
client.resize_image('test.jpeg', '150x180')
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