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calculon 1.1.1

Implementation of the producer-consumer patternwith customizable producer and consumer methods andan ability to choose thread/process model for execution.

# Calculon

This project is a customizable implementation of the producer-consumer pattern using Python’s multithreading and multiprocessing capabilities. Calculon allows you to:

  • define a custom producer that puts values into a queue;
  • define a custom consumer that processes values obtained from the queue;
  • choose between multiprocessing or multithreading option to run the functions;
  • pass arbitrary information to and back from each of the producer / consumer;

This package will be helpful to someone who is looking to use a producer-consumer pattern to perform simple parallel computing tasks.

# Documentation Documentation is hosted on [Read the Docs] ( and includes detailed information on installing and using the package.

# License This project was released under MIT license, see LICENSE file for more information.

# Release Notes See RELEASE file for the release history.