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calflate 0.4.1

import external CalDAV and CardDAV entries

Calflate is a command line application that conflates external CalDAV and CardDAV entries into an other online collection. It does an one-way sync of calendar EVENTs, TODOs, JOURNALs and addressbook entries (VCARD) based on UIDs and SEQUENCE or REV numbers.

Calflate is written in Python, it has no dependencies and licenced under the FreeBSD License. The source code and issue tracker is available at


  • one-way sync of VEVENT, VTODO, VJOURNAL and VCARD
  • rewrite / cleanup UIDs based on regular expressions
  • import entries from local files and online collections
  • is able to purge destination items
  • supports multiple collection sets
  • configurable per collection


Install from source

# create a virualenv
pip install
ln -s $VIRTUAL_ENV/bin/calflate ~/bin/calflate


Create a configuration file at ~/.config/calflate.cfg. Insert the following section for each collection that should be imported.

# ignore input argument from command line
# input = None

# never purge destination items
# purge = False

# verbose output
# verbose = True

# don't make changes
# dryrun = True

# replace UID pattern
# uid_from = (.+?)
# uid_to = \1

# source calendar / addressbook
src =
# src_user = username
# src_pass = password

# destination calendar / addressbook
dst =
dst_user = username
dst_pass = password


  • calflate --help to show usage.
  • calflate COLLECTION-NAME to import a specific collection or
  • calflate '*' to conflate all sets.


Are welcome! Resepect PEP-8.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
calflate-0.4.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-01-26 5KB