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calib 0.1.1

Certificate Authority Lib & Tools

# pyca

A python implemented certificate authority lib & tools based on openssl

## Features

  • Verify certificate
  • Generate root CA
  • Sign server certificate
  • Sign client certificate

## Future features

  • Maintain certificate chain
  • Generate CRL (Certificate revocation lists)
  • Generate OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol)

## Simple usage

Before generating / signing anything, you have to init the key / certificate database.

This is done by running command python -m calib –base [The database path] init

Please take care that any files or dirs will be removed in the database path. If the –base argument is not given, the current working directory will be used.

After initialized the database, you have to generate a root certificate by command python -m calib –base [The database path] createRootCert

Please use python -m calib –help for more usage info.

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