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calysto_scheme 1.2.0

A Scheme kernel for Jupyter that can use Python libraries

Calysto Scheme is a real Scheme programming language, with full support for continuations, including call/cc. It can also use all Python libraries. Also has some extensions that make it more useful (stepper-debugger, choose/fail, stack traces), or make it better integrated with Python.

In Jupyter notebooks, because Calysto Scheme uses [MetaKernel](, it has a fully-supported set of “magics”—meta-commands for additional functionality. This includes running Scheme in parallel. See all of the [MetaKernel Magics](

Calysto Scheme is written in Scheme, and then translated into Python (and other backends). The entire functionality lies in a single Python file: However, you can easily install it (see below).

Calysto Scheme in use:

You can install Calysto Scheme with Python3:

` pip3 install --upgrade calysto-scheme --user python3 -m calysto_kernel install --user `

or in the system kernel folder with:

` sudo pip3 install --upgrade calysto-scheme sudo python3 -m calysto_kernel install `

Change pip3/python3 to use a different pip or Python. The version of Python used will determine how Calysto Scheme is run.

Use it in the console, qtconsole, or notebook with IPython 3:

` ipython console --kernel calysto_scheme ipython qtconsole --kernel calysto_scheme ipython notebook --kernel calysto_scheme `


  • ipython=>3.0
  • Python2 or Python3
  • metakernel (installed automatically)

Calysto Scheme supports:

  • continuations
  • use of all Python libraries
  • choose/fail
  • produces stack trace (with line numbers), like Python
  • test suite


  • Object-oriented class definitions and instance creation
  • complete Scheme functions (one can fall back to Python for now)


  • Currently a couple of magnitudes slower than Python
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
calysto_scheme-1.2.0-py2-none-any.whl (md5) Python Wheel 2.7 2016-08-27 80KB
calysto_scheme-1.2.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-08-27 78KB (md5) Source 2016-08-27 83KB