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canari 3.1.3

Canari Framework - Maltego rapid transform development and execution framework.

Welcome to the Canari 3 repository - the next generation Maltego rapid transform development framework which allows you to rapidly prototype, package, and distribute Maltego local and remote transforms. Please visit the documentation site for a quick how-to and more in-depth information on the framework itself.

Sneak Peek

The following is an example of how easy it is to write a quick Maltego transform in Canari 3:

from canari.maltego.entities import Phrase, Person

class HelloWorld(Transform):
    """This transform says hello to a person entity."""

    # The transform input entity type.
    input_type = Person

    def do_transform(self, request, response, config):
        return response + Phrase("Hello " + request.entity.value)

Canari Docker

You can now dockerize your remote transform packages using canari dockerize-package. This will create a Docker container that runs Canari Plume fully configured with your remote transforms. You can easily distribute this container to your Docker swarm. Check out the documentation on Docker website for more information on how containers work.

Bug Reports & Questions

Please use the issues page to log any bugs or questions regarding the Canari Framework.


Kudos to our user community for making this release happen. A special thanks to those of you who have supported the development of Canari 3 by donating money at our crowd-funding pages. If you like this project, please consider donating money to help accelerate development.

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