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capris 0.0.79

Wrapper for doing beautiful commands

Package Documentation

Capris is a MIT-licensed Python library built for writing composable apps that leverage the command line.

A simple example of writing your own git wrapper, complete with other command-line utilities that you love and use on a daily basis:

>>> from capris import Command
>>> git, grep = Command('git'), Command('grep')

>>> pipe = git.log(n=10, pretty="oneline") | grep(r'[a-f0-9]\{40\}', o=None)
>>> str(pipe)
"git log -n 10 --pretty=oneline | grep -o [a-f0-9]\{40\}"

>>> response =
>>> response.status_code
>>> print response.std_out

capris allows you to write code or tests that just calls commands and helps you focus on writing the commands that you need, not the code required to handle calling and getting responses from the commands. capris does all of the mucking around with strings and escaping for you.


  • Built in support for pipes
  • DSL for command generation
  • Elegant responses and environment variables
  • High-level unit tests for all classes
  • Safe- capris doesn’t touch the shell
  • Smart option generation
  • Support for nested subcommands
  • Thread safety
  • Transactions and redirection
  • Works with both Python 2 and 3


To install Capris, simply:

$ pip install capris
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
capris-0.0.79.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-07-04 7KB