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careful-requests 0.1.4

Requests for header-sensitive servers (like Accept-Encoding)


This module provides an HTTP adapter and session for use with `Requests`_ when
communicating with servers that are hyper-sensitive to standard HTTP headers.
It may be sad, but not all HTTP servers are HTTP-compliant and some are even
suspicious of normal headers. Use careful-requests if you still want to use the
excellent Requests module.

.. _`Requests`:

Example usage

here you go

.. code-block:: python

    from careful_requests import Careful

    s = Careful()

    >>> s.get("")
    <Response [200]>

"Accept-Encoding" will not be sent.


.. code-block:: bash

    sudo pip install careful-requests

.. code-block:: bash

    sudo python install


.. code-block:: bash

    make test


* 0.1.3: support both requests==1.0.4 and requests==0.14.2, which is useful for proxy support.

* 0.1.2: HTTPS


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