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cazy-parser 1.2

A way to extract specific information from CAZy


The Carbohydrate-Active enZYmes Database (CAZy) provides access to a sequence based classification of enzyme that are responsible for the assembly, modification and breakdown of oligo and polysaccharides.

This database has been online for eighteen years providing relevant genomic, structural and biochemical data on carbohydrate-active enzymes, such asglycoside hydrolases, glycosyl transferases, polysaccharide lyases, carbohydrateesterases and similar enzymes with auxiliary activities. The database isorganized and presented to the user as a series of highly annotated HTML tables.

This script provides a way to extract information from the database according to user need.


pip install cazy-parser


Please refer to the project page for usage and more information

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cazy-parser-1.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-08-18 6KB