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cdecimal 2.3

Fast drop-in replacement for

Please note: cdecimal has been integrated into CPython 3.3, where it supersedes the pure Python version: import decimal will automatically import the C version. Performance has been improved further, so the cdecimal version shipped with CPython 3.3 is significantly faster for numerical workload than cdecimal-2.3. If you need maximum decimal computing performance, you should solely use that Python version.

cdecimal is a fast drop-in replacement for the decimal module in Python’s standard library for Python versions 2.5 up to 3.2. It provides a complete implementation of Mike Cowlishaw/IBM’s General Decimal Arithmetic Specification.

Since cdecimal is compatible with decimal, the official documentation is valid:

For the few remaining differences, see:

NOTE: The safest way to get cdecimal is to use the download URL and verify the sha256sum:

d737cbe43ed1f6ad9874fb86c3db1e9bbe20c0c750868fde5be3f379ade83d8b cdecimal-2.3.tar.gz

Do not necessarily trust the above checksum. Use a search engine to ensure that it is identical to the one in the release announcement of cdecimal-2.3.