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ceda-cc 1.3

CEDA Conformance Checker


From the command line:

Required arguments:

python ceda_cc/ -p <project> -D <directory> ## check all files in directory tree, for project in SPECS, CORDEX, CCMI, CMIP5.
python ceda_cc/ -p <project> -d <directory> ## check all files in directory
python ceda_cc/ -p <project> -f <file> ## check a single file.
python ceda_cc/ --copy-config <dest-dir> ## copy the default configuration directory to <dest-dir> to enable customisation.

Optional arguments:

--ld <log file="" directory=""> ## directory to take log files;
-R <record file="" name=""> ## file name for file to take one record per file checked;
--cae ## "catch all errors": will trap exceptions and record
in log files, and then continue. Default is to
stop after unrecognised exceptions.
--log <single|multi> ## Set log file management option -- see "Single log" and "Multi-log" below.
--blfmode <mode> # set mode for batch log file -- see log file modes
--flfmode <mode> # set mode for file-level log file -- see log file modes
--aMap # Read in some attribute mappings and run tests with virtual substitutions, see also

Environment variables:

CC_CONFIG_DIR ## Set to the location of a custom configuration directory. If unset the default configuration will be used.

After running:

The log file directory may contain hundreds of files with reports of errors. To get a summary, run:

python <log file="" directory="">

This will produce a listing of errors, the number of times they occur and up to two of the files which contain the error. It is hoped that inspection of one or 2 files will provide enough information to trace the problems which lead to the error reports.

python -html <log file="" directory="">

This will create a set of html files in the "html" directory, which can be viewed through a browser (enter file://  
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