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cedexis.radar 0.1.0-3

Cedexis Radar client library

Latest Version: 0.3.1

This package provides a library that can be used to conduct Cedexis Radar measurements in any language that supports Python bindings. It also provides a script that can be used to run a Radar session from the command line.

Command Line Tool

Configuration File

The tool uses an optional configuration file to control things such as logging. You may specify the path to this file either by using the –config-file/-f command line argument, or by setting the PYTHON_RADAR_CONFIG environment variable. The –config-file/-f argument always takes precedence over the environment variable setting.

The configuration file is JSON-formatted. An example is shown below:

    "logging": {
        "version": 1,
        "disable_existing_loggers": false,
        "formatters": {
            "console_formatter": {
                "format": "%(name)s (%(levelname)s): %(message)s"
        "handlers": {
            "console": {
                "class": "logging.StreamHandler",
                "level": "DEBUG",
                "formatter": "console_formatter"
        "root": {
            "level": "DEBUG",
                "handlers": [ "console" ]

If you don’t pass the –config-file/-f argument and the PYTHON_RADAR_CONFIG environment variable is not set, or if you pass the –config-file/-f argument with no value, the script uses default settings. The default settings produce minimal logging to the screen and no file logging.




  • CHANGES.rst was not being included in PKG-INFO when built under Python 3.



  • Update README.rst.



  • Add CHANGES.rst.


  • Fix a Python 3 bug in


  • User can specify the default options by passing the –config-file/-f argument with no value.


Initial implementation.

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