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celery-with-beanstalk 3.0

Deprecated, use pip install celery[beanstalk]


This bundle installs the following packages:

['celery>=3.0,<4.0', 'beanstalk']

What is this?

This is a bundle of several packages that you can use as a shortcut in the requirements lists of your applications. Bundles are used to follow a common group of packages, or a package with an optional extension feature.

You can install all of the packages in this bundle by,

using pip:

$ pip install -U celery-with-beanstalk

or using easy_install:

$ easy_install -U celery-with-beanstalk

Or if you want to add this bundle as a dependency in your application, you can add the following identifier in your’s requires list or in your pip requirements files:


You can also specify a specific version: