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cepko 1.0.1

Communication with CloudSigma's VMs through a virtual serial port

Cepko implements easy-to-use communication with CloudSigma’s VMs through a virtual serial port without bothering with formatting the messages properly nor parsing the output with the specific and sometimes confusing shell tools for that purpose.

Having the server definition accessible by the VM can ve useful in various ways. For example it is possible to easily determine from within the VM, which network interfaces are connected to public and which to private network. Another use is to pass some data to initial VM setup scripts, like setting the hostname to the VM name or passing ssh public keys through server meta.

For more information take a look at the Server Context section of CloudSigma API Docs:


Imports and definitions

>>> from cepko import Cepko
>>> client = Cepko()

Fetch the whole server context

>>> server_context = client.all()
>>> server_context['name']

Fetch the server’s meta

>>> meta = client.meta()
>>> meta['ssh_public_key']
'ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAAD...'

Fetch conrete key from the server context

>>> drives = client.get('drives')
>>> [key for key in drives[0]['drive']]
['uuid', 'tags', 'media', 'name', 'meta', 'allow_multimount', 'licenses', 'affinities', 'size']
>>> drives[0]['drive']['size']

Fetch nested key from the server context

>>> first_drive = client.get('drives/0/drive')
>>> first_drive['size']
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