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cf-ddns 1.0.3

CloudFlare Dynamic DNS updater

# Cloudflare DNS client

Use the Cloudflare API to keep records up to date with your current IP address(es).

You could run it from your crontab every five minutes or so.

This will add/update an A/AAAA record for domain.tld with your external IP address: `*/5 *  * * * --name domain.tld`

Make sure CF_EMAIL and CF_TOKEN environment variables are set.

Execute -h for list of arguments.

If you want to use Sentry for alerts, set the DSN in the SENTRY_DSN environment variable.

## Requirements: - A Cloudflare account and domain name. - Python 3.4 or newer - Requests ( - Optional: Raven (for Sentry alerting)

## Disclaimer: This software is provided as is. It should be safe, but don’t blame me if your computer blows up. It is tested on Ubuntu 16.10 with Python 3.5.2.

## Installation: `pip install --upgrade cf-ddns`

Optionally with Sentry alerting:

`pip install --upgrade cf-ddns[sentry]`


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