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chartio 1.1.17

Setup wizard and connection client for connecting MySQL/PostgreSQL databases to Chartio

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Chartio utilities for providing read-only user local database access.

Version 1.1.17

This project permits Chartio customers to provide database access by
opening an SSH reverse tunnel from a Chartio server to the customer

Errors, comments, questions may be sent to support at chart dot io.

Requires a read-only database role (or authorization to create one)
and a local SSH client.

Supported Databases
Oracle (command-line only)

To install, type::

$ python install

To uninstall, remove the files

Connecting an Oracle datasource to Chartio requires an existing
Chartio login and a read-only database role. In addition, all
information must be specified on the chartio_setup command-line. For
example, to connect the Oracle database named 'sales' using the
existing read-only role of 'sales_user'

% chartio_setup --oracle --database-name=sales --role=sales_user

The script will the prompt you for your Chartio login and password
and for the password of the 'sales_user' role.

If you encounter an error while running chartio_setup, the file
may contain details on what went wrong. In any event, please feel free
to contact support.

In addition, the log file
contains information about the chartio_connect process.

Further documentation may be found at

Package Contents
The configuration wizard

A script to keep the SSH tunnel alive

Notable Changes
Version 1.1.17
- Change domain to

Version 1.1.16
- add option to post error information to Chartio

Version 1.1.13
- add Oracle support

Version 1.1.12
- check Chartio version

Version 1.1.7
- permit manual entry of database and readonly user/password

Version 1.1.6
- grant 'SHOW VIEW' access when creating mysql read-only database user
- bug fix for handling of blank database administrator password
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chartio-1.1.17.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-09-15 18KB