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chembl_beaker 0.2.7

RDKit in the Bottle on Tornado

Latest Version: 1.2.20


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What is Beaker?

This is chembl_beaker package developed at `Chembl <https:"" chembl=""/>`_ group, `EMBL-EBI <https:""/>`_, Cambridge, UK.

This is wrapper for `RDKit <http:""/>`_ and `OSRA <http:"" osra=""/>`_, which exposes following RDKit functions:

* Format convertion
* Fingerprints
* Descriptors

As a portable lightweight webserver, speaking REST. This particular implementation wraps RDKit in `Bottle <http:"" docs="" dev=""/>`_ on `Tornado <http:"" en="" stable=""/>`_.

Where is it used?

Beaker is used in `Clippy <https:"" madgpap="" chembl_clippy="">`_ project but can be used as a standalone web server as well.

Software dependencies

* `RDKit <http:""/>`_
* `OSRA <http:"" osra=""/>`_
* `Bottle <http:"" docs="" dev=""/>`_
* `Tornado <http:"" en="" stable=""/>`_


The best way to install beaker is to use `PIP`:

``pip install chembl_beaker``

This command will install latest stable version with Bottle and Tornado. RDKit and OSRA must be installed separately.
You can of course clone development version from github but it's not guaranteed to be working.

By default configuration is stored in ``beaker.conf`` file, located in current directory. You can specify location of
configuration file using ``--config (-c)`` parameter when running beaker. Configuration file format is standard ``*.ini``.
Beaker is distributed with example configuration file named ``beaker.conf.sample``.

* **debug** - run bottle server in debug mode (True/False, default ``True``)
* **bottle_port** - number of porn on which Bottle server is listening for connections (integer, default ``8080``)
* **bottle_host** - hostname of Bottle server (string, default ``localhost``)
* **server_middleware** - networking middleware library used by Bottle (string, default ``tornado``)
* **osra_binaries_location** - path to OSRA binary you want to use for compound recognition (string, default ``/usr/bin/osra``)

If you want to play with beaker run ``python``
If you want to run beaker in production you should do this using virtualenv, uWSGI and NGINX as described `here <http:"" 2013="" 01="" 12="" bottle-virtualenv-uwsgi-nginx-installation-on-ubuntu-12-04-1-lts=""/>`_. Other standard python deployment stacks will work as well.

More info and help

More information can be found in `web based presentation <https:"" mnowotka="" beaker-presentation="">`_. You can always email the author:  
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