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chess_py 2.7.6

Python chess client

Latest Version: 3.2.8

# chess_py


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## License
chess_py is available under the MIT license. See the [LICENSE]( file for more info.
Copyright © 2016 Aubhro Sengupta. All rights reserved.

## Talk @Pygotham 2016
I gave a talk at PyGotham 2016 on this library. Abstract can be found [here](

## Introduction

Chess_py is an open source chess library written in Python designed to aid in the creation of chess engines. Handles the chess so you can focus on the engine.

## Installation

To use as a immediately start up a game between two human players in the console, navigate inside the root directory of the package and run


To install package

### ``pip`` (*Recommended*)
pip install chess_py

### Or manually
python install
## Documentation

View complete technical documentation [here](

## Great! How do you use it? (*An Example*)

Chess_py has the capability of creating games between players, either human, or AI

import chess_py
from chess_py import Game, Human, color

""" Creates a Game with 2 humans.
When run, this will open the console,"""
new_game = Game(Human(color.white), Human(

""" After game is completed, outcome will be stored in result.
The integer result will be one of three values.
white wins - 0, black wins - 1, draw - 0.5 """
result =

To build a chess engine on with chess_py, inherit Player and implement generate_move()

import chess_py
from chess_py import Game, Human, color

# Engine which plays the move with the highest immediate material advantage
class MyEngine(chess_py.Player):
def __init__(self, input_color):

# Creates piece value scheme to specify value of each piece.
self.piece_values = chess_py.PieceValues.init_manual(PAWN_VALUE=1,

# Super call to
super(chess_py.Player, self).__init__(input_color)

def generate_move(self, position):
# position parameter is an object of type Board

# Finds all possible moves I can play.
moves = position.all_possible_moves(self.color)

# Initalizes best move and advantage after it has been played to dummy values.
best_move = None
best_move_advantage = -99

# Loops through possible moves
for move in moves:
""" advantage_as_result(move, piece_values) finds numerical advantage
as specified by piece value scheme above. Returns negative values for
positions of disadvantage. Returns +/-99 for checkmate. """
advantage = position.advantage_as_result(move, self.piece_values)

# If this move is better than best move, it is the best move.
if advantage >= best_move_advantage:
best_move = move
best_move_advantage = advantage

return best_move

# If file is run as script, a Game is set up between My_engine and Human and result is printed.
if __name__ == "__main__":
new_game = Game(MyEngine(color.white), Human(

# white wins - 0, black wins - 1, draw - 0.5
print("Result: ",
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