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chrome-edit-server 0.3.0a1

An edit server compatible with TextAid and "Edit with Emacs" chrome extensions"

Latest Version: 0.3.4

This application is an “edit server” supporting one of the many Chrome plugins (including TextAid and Edit with Emacs) allowing you to edit text area fields displayed in your browser using your editor-of-choice.

Getting Started

First, install this package from PyPI:

pip install chrome-edit-server

Second, run the server by running:


Then, install either the TextAid or Edit with Emacs Chrome extensions. Follow the extension’s instructions regarding how to open up an editor window.


By default, the edit server will run on port 9292, and will use GVim (gvim -f) as your editor, but you can configure each of those parameters by either setting environment variables or providing arguments from the command line.

To see what options are available and how to set them, run:

chrome-edit-server --help


This is an unofficial (but endorsed) fork of @gfxmonk’s edit-server repository that follows common Python style conventions, and is packaged for distribution on PyPI.

If you have any thanks to give for this application’s existence – you owe them to that gentleman.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
chrome-edit-server-0.3.0a1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-08-23 6KB