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chut 0.7

Small tool to interact with shell and pipes

Latest Version: 0.16


Chut is a small tool to help you to interact with shell pipes and commands.

Basically it will help to write some shell script in python

This is more like a toy than a real tool but… It may be useful sometimes.

It’s tested with py2.6+ and py3.2+:

Full documentation can be found here


Using pip:

$ pip install chut

This will also install docopt and allow you to use the @console_script decorator.

Quick start

Import the shell:

>>> import chut as sh

Get a file content if it contains “Chut”:

>>> grep_chut ='README.rst') | sh.grep('Chut')
>>> if grep_chut:
...     print(grep_chut | sh.head("-n1"))

Redirect output to a file:

>>> ret = (grep_chut | sh.head("-n1")) > '/tmp/chut.txt'
>>> ret.succeeded
>>> print('/tmp/chut.txt'))

Or to stdout:

>>>'/tmp/chut.txt') > 1  # doctest: +SKIP

Redirect stdout to stderr:

>>>'/tmp/chut.txt') > 2  # doctest: +SKIP

Run many command with a pool of processes:

>>> [ret.succeeded for ret in['.', ['-l', '/tmp']])]
[True, True]

Use docopt to write a console script. This script will take an iface as argument and return a code 1 if no address is found:

>>> @sh.console_script
... def got_inet_addr(args):
...     """Usage: got_inet_addr <iface>"""
...     if sh.ifconfig(args['<iface>']) | sh.grep('inet addr:'):
...         return 1

>>> if __name__ == '__main__':
...     got_inet_addr()
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