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cifilter 0.4.2

CoreImage command line tool


cifilter is a command line tool for filtering images using CoreImage.


Install from source:

$ python install

With pip:

$ pip install cifilter

With setuptools:

$ easy_install -U cifilter


Note most of the arguments of the form –inputXXXX vary depending on the filter selected.

$ cifilter –filter CIRippleTransition –help Usage: cifilter –filter CIRippleTransition [options]

--version show program’s version number and exit
-h, --help Help!
-i INPUT, --inputImage=INPUT
 The input image (or - for stdin)
-o OUTPUT, --outputImage=OUTPUT
 The output image (or - for stdout)
-f FILTER, --filter=FILTER
 Name of the filter
--listfilters List available CoreImage filters
 List available CoreImage filter categories
 Category used to filter listfilter results
--width=WIDTH Desired width of output image
 Desired height of output image
--type=TYPE Desired UTI type of output image (e.g. public.png, public.jpg, etc)
-v, --verbose Set the log level to INFO
 set the log level, 0 = no log, 10+ = level of logging
 File to log messages to. If - or not provided then stdout is used
--open Open the output image after processing
 The target image for a transition.
 An image that looks like a shaded sphere enclosed in a square image.
 The x and y position to use as the center of the effect
 A rectangle that defines the extent of the effect.
 The parametric time of the transition. This value drives the transition from start (at time 0) to end (at time 1).
 The width of the ripple.
 A value that determines whether the ripple starts as a bulge (higher value) or a dimple (lower value).


$ cifilter –help

$ cifilter –listcategories

$ cifilter –listfilters

$ cifilter –listfilters –category CICategoryGenerator

$ cifilter –filter CIStarShineGenerator –help

$ cifilter –filter CIEdges < test.jpg

$ cifilter –filter CIEdgeWork < input.png > output.png

$ cifilter –filter CIEdgeWork –inputImage 1.png –output 2.png

$ cifilter –filter CISunbeamsGenerator –open

$ cifilter –filter CICheckerboardGenerator -o - | cifilter –filter CIEdgeWork -i - –open

$ cifilter –filter CICheckerboardGenerator –type public.jpeg –outputImage ~/Desktop/Checkerboard.jpg

$ cifilter –filter CIConstantColorGenerator –inputColor=1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0 –width 256 –height 256 –open

$ cifilter –filter CIConstantColorGenerator –inputColor=1.0,0.0,0.0,1.0 -o - | cifilter –filter CIHueAdjust –inputAngle=180 –open


Send all bug reports to

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