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cleanit 0.2.1

Subtitles extremely clean

Subtitles extremely clean.

Project page:

CleanIt is a command line tool (written in python) that helps you to keep your subtitles clean. You can specify rules to detect subtitle entries to be removed or patterns to be replaced. Simple text matching or complex regex can be used.



Clean subtitles:

$ cleanit --config my-config.yml
Collected 1 subtitles
Saving <Subtitle []>
Saved <Subtitle []>


How to clean subtitles in a specific path using a specific configuration:

from cleanit.api import clean_subtitle, save_subtitle
from cleanit.config import Config
from cleanit.subtitle import Subtitle

subtitle = Subtitle('/subtitle/path')
config = Config.from_file('/config/path')
if clean_subtitle(subtitle, config.rules):

YAML Configuration file

The yaml configuration file has 2 main sections: templates and groups.

  • Templates can help you to define common configuration snippets to be used in several groups.
  • Groups: where you can define your rules.
# Reference:
#   type: [text*, regex]
#   match: [contains*, exact, startswith, endswith]
#   flags: [ignorecase, dotall, multiline, locale, unicode, verbose]
#   whitelist: no*
#   rules:
#   - sometext
#   - (\b)(\d{1,2})x(\d{1,2})(\b): {replacement: \1S\2E\3\4, type: regex, match: contains, flags: [unicode], whitelist: no}

    type: text
    match: contains

  # Groups can have any name, in this case 'blacklist' we have all the rules to remove subtitle  entries
    template: common
      # Removes any subtitle entry that contains the word FooBar
      - FooBar

      # Removes any subtitle entry that contains the pattern S00E00
      # Example:
      #   My Series S01E02
      - \bs\d{2}\s?e\d{2}\b: {type: regex, flags: ignorecase}

      # Removes any subtitle entry that is exactly the word: 'Ah' or 'Oh' (with 1 or more h)
      # Example:
      #   Ohhh!
      - ((Ah+)|(Oh+))\W?: {match: exact}

  # The group 'tidy' has all rules to replace certain patterns in your subtitles.
    template: common
    type: regex
      # Description: Replace extra spaces to a single space
      # Example:
      #   Foo     bar.
      # to
      #   Foo bar.
      - \s{2,}: ' '

      # Description: Add space when starting phrase with '-'. It ignores tags, such as <i>, <b>
      # Example:
      #   <i>-Francine, what has happened?
      #   -What has happened? You tell me!</i>
      # to
      #   <i>- Francine, what has happened?
      #   - What has happened? You tell me!</i>
      - '(?:^(|(?:\<\w\>)))-([''"]?\w+)': { replacement: '\1- \2', flags: [multiline, unicode] }

* The default value if none is defined

CleanIt will try to load configuration file from ~/.config/cleanit/config.yml if no configuration file is defined.



release date: 2016-02-28 * Adding guess encoding back without python-magic dependency.


release date: 2016-02-27 * Removing chardet and python-magic dependencies. Either encoding is specified or it should be guessed by pysrt


release date: 2015-10-16

  • Initial release
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