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clinical_trials 1.1

Python wrapper for the Clincal Trials API.

A Python API wrapper for the [ API](

Documentation for [ can be found here.](


The Trials class only has two methods – search and download. The same information from search is returned to the download method in ZIP file format.

>>> from clinical_trials import Trials
>>> t = Trials()
>>>"alzheimer's disease")
>>>'diabetes', 'cond')
>>>'diabetes', 'condition')
>>> # Specify the number of trials turned.
...'Fluoxetine', count=200)
>>> # Find trials no longer recruiting.
...'lyme disease', recruiting='closed')
>>> # If you want plain XML returned back.
...'NHLBI', output_format=None)
>>> # You can also find trials by location -- up to 3 states or countries.
...'cancer', state='TX')
>>>'diabetes', state1='TX', state2='NY', state3='CA')
>>>'lyme disease', country1='US', country2='CA')
>>> # And you can download a ZIP file with the data.
... zip_file ='cancer', count=500)
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