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clippercard 0.2.0

Unofficial Python API for Clipper Card (transportation pass used in the San Francisco Bay Area)

Latest Version: 0.3.2

Unofficial Clipper Card API

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clippercard is an unofficial web API to, written in Python

Not only is the `clippercard web site <https:"">`_ a total UX/UI disaster, its behind-the-scene's HTML structure and HTTP protocol is a complete exercise in palmface. This library aims to provide an unofficial but sensible interface to the official web service.


- Profile Data
- Multiple Cards' Data
- For each card, multiple products

I don't have access to all products loadable on the ClipperCard, so transit agency support is limtied to what I personally use for now. If you'd like me to add support for your product, send me the page source from your `account home page <https:"" clippercard="" dashboard.jsf="">`_


To install clippercard, simply:

.. code-block:: bash

$ pip install clippercard


.. code-block:: python

import clippercard
session = clippercard.Session(<username>, <password>)
for c in

.. code-block: bash

$ clippercard -h # see usage information

$ clippercard summary

Phone: 415-555-5555
Address: 1 Main St San Francisco, CA 94103
Card 1: 1234567890 "Golden Gate Bridge Limited Edition" (ADULT - Active)
- BART HVD 60/64: $47.55
- Cash value: $51.40
Card 2: 1234567891 "Bay Bridge Limited Edition" (ADULT - Active)
- Cash value: $2.35

If you wish to use clippercard without specifying username/password on the CLI, create a file ~/.clippercardrc with this format:

.. code-block: cfg

username = <replace_with_your_email>
password = <replace_with_your_password>


#. Fork `the repository`_, make your changes, add adequate tests, and send me a pull request  
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