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closure-soy 20121221

Google Closure's Soy templates packaged for Python


  1. pip install closure-soy
  2. closure-soy [<flag1> <flag2> ...] --outputPathFormat <formatString> <soyFile1> <soyFile2> ...

Note: Consider integrating this package into webassets or another such package for automatic soy template compilation.


Closure Templates is a client and server side templating system for building reusable HTML and UI elements. Closure’s templating system is also commonly known as Soy templates.

This is a Java-based tool. This package, based on the Closure Compiler package, provides a simple way to install and use the the Closure Template compiler from Python, bundling the soy.jar with the Python package.

This package was built for integrating with webassets for automatic template compiliation.


Version YYYYMMDD of this package will bundle the corresponding version of the compiler (Closure uses the build date as the version).

If you want a new version to be uploaded, open a ticket at the Github page.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
closure-soy-20121221.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-01-18 9MB