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cloud_wiki 1.1

A wiki engine backed by sqlite that provides its own http server, user authentication and is easy to administer from the command line.

Cloud Wiki was implemented as a response to the lack of Python wiki servers that are intended to run as an individual server process and provide functionality to meet its designer’s needs.

Cloud Wiki’s nodes are stored in a sqlite database, and served using python’s BaseHTTPServer, running as a long lived application service. Wiki markup is a simple unobtrusive dialect, providing free linking, images, tables, unordered lists and preformatted text blocks. Rendered content data is stored in the database, along with content change information, to improve server response times.

Cloud Wiki supports user authentication, but does not currently provide an registration interface of its own – the authentication system is designed to be modular and easily extended by adding functionality to check passwords from other existing databases or to periodically import them using a cron script.