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cloudmesh_gitissues 3.1.2

cloudmesh_gitissues - Manageing Issue Priorities in github

Github does not provide natively the support of priorities for issues. Cloudmesh Github Issues introduces a simple way to do so while not using labels, but by augmenting the issue body.

We provide a simple django bootstrap based portal interface that looks into the github issues and finds in the first line of an issue the priority defined with:


where 10 is the priority. If no priority is given we use 999 indicating a low priority.


The install requires an install from github so you are up to date and get all needed files. If you download the package from pypi, we recommend that you do the github installation instead. We also typically recommend using virtualenv.

mkdir -p ~/github/cloudmesh
cd ~/github/cloudmesh
git clone
pip install -r requirements.txt
python install


In cloudmesh_gitissues/ change the list of repositories that you like to include:

    ("Client", "cloudmesh", "client"),
    ("Portal", "cloudmesh", "portal"),
    ("Workflow", "cloudmesh", "workflow"),
    ("Yubikey", "cloudmesh", "yubikey"),
    ("Big Data Stack", "futuresystems" "big-data-stack"),

Each entry has the form:

(Label, git_username, git_repository)

For example the entry for:


("Client", "cloudmesh", "client")

A menu entry will be created for each repository with the given label.

Run portal

make run

View portal

make view

Bugs and enhancement suggestion

  • We should be able to modify the priorities in the table, and have a save button that than updates all issues (anyone wants to help?)
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