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cmake-converter 1.1.0

CMake converter for Visual Studio projects


This project aims to facilitate the conversion of Visual Studio projects to CMake projects. The goal is to give to a Python script, a .vcxproj file, and output a CMakeLists.txt.

Note : Actually, it’s only works with C/C++ projects.

Quick Install & Run

You may have Python3 installed to make this library works !

Install from Pip

Install cmake-converter as a standard python library:

sudo pip install cmake_converter

Install from Source

Simply clone this repository and type the following command to install it:

# Inside repository folder
sudo pip install .

Run & Convert

After install library, just run the script as below. Your .vcxproj file is of course required:

cmake-converter -p <path/to/file.vcxproj>`


Documentation for CMake Converter is available on Read The Docs.

Bugs, issues and contributing

Contributions to this project are welcome and encouraged … Issues in the project repository are the common way to raise an information.

Note: if you have an issue, please provide me if possible the visual studio project involved.

For QMake

If you’re looking for QMake to CMake, please look at qmake2cmake by digitalist.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
cmake_converter-1.1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2018-02-21 18KB