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cmpGen 0.1.2

cmpGen is deprecated; it is maintained here for legacy purposes

cmpGen is deprecated. Please just use the “key” parameter of sort/sorted instead. It is better in every conceivable way (faster, simpler, more legible, etc.)

For example, here is the example below, but entirely using “key” instead:

l=[3,0,1,-2,4,3,-5] l.sort(key=abs) l now is [0,1,-2,3,3,4,-5]

This pakage is now here just to support legacy version of packages that used this

Old README for reference:

cmpGen is a very simple utility to aid in sorting. Basically, I often want to sort a list based on a specific property or more generically a function of the values in the list. cmpGen acts as a middle layer to make this process simple.

Usage: l is a list l.sort(cmpGen(someFunctionThatActsOnListElements))

Example 1: Sort a list of 2-integer pairs based on second element in the pair: l=[[3,3],[1,6],[0,12],[1,1],[7,4],[6,7]] l.sort(cmpGen(lambda x: x[1])) l is now [[1, 1], [3, 3], [7, 4], [1, 6], [6, 7], [0, 12]]

Example 2: Sort based on the absolute value of list elements: l=[3,0,1,-2,4,3,-5] l.sort(cmpGen(abs)) l now is [0,1,-2,3,3,4,-5]

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