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cms-draggable-files 0.1.6

CMS placeholder can recieve dragged files and add to plugin by files extensions.

CMS Draggable Files

This application will recieve dragged files on django-cms placeholder and save them to cms.plugin.picture or cms.plugin.file. This plugin checks what file extension is dragged.

This application will make Yours life esier. Tutorial:

Install aplication: pip install cms-draggable-files

Add to installed app: ‘cms_draggable_files’

Add static files to base.html (or to main html file in your project): /static/css/placeholder.css /static/js/draggable.js

Copy template folder instance to your main project folder. Be shour that placeholder.html from cms_draggable_files is in your template/cms/placeholder.html.

Add cms-draggable-files to your project $ url(r’^’, include(‘cms_draggable_files.urls’)),

If You want additional custom file creator that for example will convert files from odf to pdf on drag and drop, You need in settings register your custom creator class: DRAGGABLE_ADDITIONAL_PLUGIN_CREATORS = [ ODF_TO_PDF_CREATOR, ]

Enjoy drag and drop files future in django-cms.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
cms-draggable-files-0.1.6.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-03-25 2KB