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cmsplugin-googleplus 0.3.6b

Django-CMS plugin for Google Plus Activities

Django-cms plugin for fetching Google+ activities. You can find a preview at the bottom of this README.


Still in Beta.

Continuous Integration Coverage


  1. Install these packages and their requirements:

    NOTE: Django 1.6.x is supported only with Django-cms 3.x

  2. Install cmsplugin-googleplus in your environment.


  1. Configure django-cms

  2. Add cmsplugin_googleplus to the INSTALLED_APPS list in your project's

  3. Go to the google apis console and create a new project (a google account is required)

  4. Select Services and activate Google+ API

  5. Select API Access and get the API key

  6. Add the API key to your



Fresh install

python syncdb --all
python migrate --fake

The first command will prompt you to create a super user. Choose ‘yes’ and enter appropriate values.


python syncdb
python migrate

How to use it

An activity is a note that a user posts to their stream. You can list a collection of activities from one user or you can list a collection of activities as result of a search.


This plugin has an example template that uses Twitter Bootstrap 3. You can use it as skeleton for you templates.

Create your template and inside add:

     _('Example Template using Twitter Bootstrap')),
     _('My beautiful template'))


The activities are cached so you need to:

  1. Set up your cache system

  2. (Optional) Decide the activities cache duration. Default is 5 minutes. Inside add:

    GOOGLEPLUS_PLUGIN_CACHE_DURATION = <custom_cache_duration>

The actual 'Courtesy Limit' for the Google+ API is 10,000 requests/day


For translators I've set up a Transifex account where you can add languages and translate the .po


Run the test with coverage

$ coverage run && coverage report -m


This is how the plugin looks with the example template.

Have Fun!


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