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cmsplugin-image-gallery 0.3.1

A reusable Django app adding filer-based galleries to Django-CMS.

Latest Version: 0.7.2

CMSplugin Image Gallery

A Django application adding filer-based galleries to Django-CMS.


You need to install the following prerequisites in order to use this app::

pip install Django
pip install django-cms
pip install django-filer
pip install Pillow

If you want to install the latest stable release from PyPi::

$ pip install cmsplugin-image-gallery

If you feel adventurous and want to install the latest commit from GitHub::

$ pip install -e git://

Add ``image_gallery`` to your ``INSTALLED_APPS``::



First create a gallery object with a filer folder.

Using the apphook

Simply create a django-cms page and select it in the ``Application`` field of
the ``Advanced Settings``.

Using the cmsplugin

Create a CMS page with a placeholder and simply insert the plugin
``Filer Gallery``.

Using the template tags

You can also use our template tag to display a list of pictures::

{% render_pictures %}

...for the last 3 uploaded pictures. You can use the selection parameters
``recent`` (default) and ``random`` and set an amount of pictures to display::

{% render_pictures 'random' 10 %}



Default: 10

Amount of galleries to display in the list view.


If you want to contribute to this project, please perform the following steps::

# Fork this repository
# Clone your fork
$ mkvirtualenv -p python2.7 cmsplugin-image-gallery
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ ./logger/tests/
# You should get no failing tests

$ git co -b feature_branch master
# Implement your feature and tests
# Describe your change in the CHANGELOG.txt
$ git add . && git commit
$ git push origin feature_branch
# Send us a pull request for your feature branch

Whenever you run the tests a coverage output will be generated in
``tests/coverage/index.html``. When adding new features, please make sure that
you keep the coverage at 100%.


Check the issue tracker on github for milestones and features to come.  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
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